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New Forest Carpets & Flooring are proud to provide a complete service when it comes to carpeting your house. We'll discuss the options that are best suited to your requirements and provide samples for you to view in the comfort of your own home.

New Forest Carpet

We are also happy to provide a fitting only service if you've already chosen the right carpet for your home. Based in Southampton, we're ideally located to provide a complete supply and fitting service for commercial and private premises all along the South Coast.

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Carpet & Flooring Products

Carpet is fashionable, adds a feeling of luxury, and is comfortable under foot. It is quiet and insulates well against the cold. Colours, textures and materials vary which is why choosing the right type of carpet for your room of choice is an essential first step. Our guide to all things carpet should help you on your way.

Carpet Types

  • Velvet (also known as Velour and Plush) has short pile fibres created by several stages of cutting to create a very smooth surface with a sheen that will show footprints and track marks.
  • Saxony carpet is usually made of thicker yarns than velvet, with a deeper pile, making it soft and warm, but susceptible to tracking marks. A more textured version is available wherein fibres have a greater degree of twist and show fewer marks.
  • Frieze (also known as Twist Pile, Hardtwist and Hightwist) has an even longer pile made of both straight and highly twisted yarns that produce a more casual appearance that will not show track marks.
  • Shag Pile has the deepest pile available to create a coarse and highly textured look.
  • Level Loop carpets (also known as Berber) have all loops created the same height. This dense surface can have a ‘corded’ look which resists crushing and is well suited to high traffic areas.
  • Patterned Loop carpets have loops of yarn in two or three different heights which may be arranged to create a regular or random pattern.

Carpet Construction

  • Twist refers to how tightly the filaments in each tuft of yarn are twisted together. This carpet quality is measured per inch, where the greater the number, the more twisted the yarn is and therefore the less susceptible the carpet is to crushing and matting.
  • Density is a measure of how thick each yarn is and how closely the tufts are spaced. This may be measured in stitches per inch, and a greater density will allow the carpet to resist crushing. If you can see the backing when you bend the carpet, it has low density.
  • Pile height, or nap, is the distance between the backing material and the top of the tufts of yarn. A deeper pile will provide a plush look, but is prone to crushing so that tracks can be left in the carpet. A shallower pile looks less luxurious but is firmer so will retain its appearance.

Carpet Grades

  • Light domestic - suitable for Bedrooms
  • Medium domestic - suitable for Dining Rooms
  • General Domestic - suitable for Living Rooms
  • Heavy Domestic - suitable for Stairs and Hallways